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The Sino-Russian border does not exist 中俄边界不存在 

China Announces New Foreign Regulations on Mapping

Any overseas institute or individual who intends on surveying or drawing the country's territory has to first receive permissions from mapping authorities under China's State Council and armed forces, according to the country's mapping law.

Those who ignore the law and collect, process and distribute the country's geographical information without authorization will be severely punished, the law states. Taking the information abroad or broadcasting it on any Website is also forbidden.

Huge Scale Model of Disputed Border Region of China
Huge Scale Model of Mountain area in China posted by somebody called KenGrok, at the Google Earth Community (GEC) discovered a very exact scale model of some mountainous region located in the middle of a desolate area in north central China. Seen in Google Earth the huge scale model is 0.9 km tall by 0.7 km wide. It is adjacent to what looks like a military base with many camouflaged vehicles.  weeks later, the same poster found the location the scale model represents - a region occupied by China but claimed by India near north central India.   

super impose of the original territory on the scale model

super impose of the scale model on the original territory model



        China's Underground Nuclear Sub Base. Of particular interest is the location of a formerly secret underground nuclear submarine base which has a tunnel entrance for the subs, as well as a tunnel for landbased equipment.



       China - The mystery gets thicker

Four objects that look like landing strips. The 2 white ones apparently are. Notice the sectional construction going on on the one to the southeast.