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Taking their latest project "Incompiuto Siciliano" ("Unfinished Sicilian") as a starting Point, the Alterazioni Video workshop/video sets out to redefine the landscape through an operation that involves changing meaning at the levels of perception (on-site interventions) and theory (drawing up a manifesto, press release, online diffusion, involvement of local and national institutions). The workshop aims to provide tools that allow similar operations to be enacted in the local context and create a platform for participants to discuss the effects and meaning of these kinds of operations.

Alterazioni Video will discuss and analyse the possibilities of using the art system itself as a form of communication and diffusion of transversal projects that aren't simply targeted at self-celebration of the artist's own aesthetic.

Based on a historical analysis of operations that redefine a site through artistic practice, we'll juxtapose the art scene, alternative diffusion phenomena like the street (street art, direct action), the net (memes, blogs, peer to peer) and the mass media. We will see how the art circuit can generate a collateral economy for these kinds of projects and open up an international discussion that could trigger a chain of consequences.

We will work with participants to try and define and imagine how it will be possible to establish the “Incompiuto siciliano” archaeological park, with the support of local institutions and arts and culture funding. This analysis will serve to open up processes of change in the local context.

As part of the workshop, videos and images will be projected. The workshop will involve 3-hours sessions over 3 days, with the option of extending the sessions if necessary.


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Day 1
- Presentation of Alterazioni Video strategy tactics and errors
- Terrorism ants and the incredible power of memes
- Historical analysis of projects that re-define and re-name the territory
- Introduction to the project “Incompiuto siciliano"
- Reflections and discussion with participants

Day 2
- Establishment of the archaeological park of the unfinished
- Design and development of interventions in Giarre (Sicily)
- Conclusions and discussion

Day 3
- Establishment of the archaeological park of the unfinished
- Design and development of interventions in Giarre (Sicily)
- Goodbyes, kisses, and other in-depth observations