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San Michele di Ganzaria (CT) - Italy



The linear park between Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina came back to life, between May 5 and 10, 2009, with the PICNIC AT THE TEMPIO RIVER, as a workshop for the development of project designs and instantaneous constructions conceived and produced by NOWAlab. The workshop, curated by Mario Lupano, Marco Navarra and Alessandro Rocca, is working this year on the theme BUILDING TEXTURE.



"Building Texture" explores the field where live together various design approaches and techniques, coming from fashion design, architecture and contemporary art and literature. The activity of building is framed in ateliers driven by professionals of the different branch of creative design. These labs are integrated by other teams which work with media and visual instruments – graphic and web design, photography, video making – exploiting the communication of the workshop. Meals will be designed and managed by an atelier of food design.



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C'est nous qui avons fait ça
Pablo Picasso

Mimetic Pavilion
(when the North Korean, secretly by NASA, arrived on the moon stayed in a shack of gender)

In the human there is a natural impulse to look for similarities and correspondences with inventing the world. Mimicry allows the identification with the outside world, facilitates the possibility of creating a link between the self and the other. Becomes a way of understanding the world and is. through empathy, the discovery and creation of similarities, that human beings can, if not fully understand each other, at least comes close.
The art is a set of camouflage techniques and different strategies that allow a layer superimposed to obtain an effect of camouflage with the aim of concealing the view and hide a secret, the game lies in the search for the unveiling.