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Officine dell'Umbria
St. Catherine Elementary School Class III A-B
Trevi (PG), Italy

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Scriptwriters, directors, photographers and actors at the same time, these children have produced - from conception to realization - a series of exhilarating "shorts" which tell of situations funny and surreal. Invited to create stories that take place at school, that tells in some way what can happen and the type of relationships that you establish, the pupils have produced the photographic material essential to edit the video sequences. Divided into working groups with specific prefessional roles (who's been the actor, who did the photographer), each group has produced a gradual and orderly series of shots, that thanks to the next stage assembly, has given life to short stories. An incursion into the world of images and narrative devices, but also and above all an exercise in collaboration and cooperation for the pursuit of personal and collective purposes.

Materials used during the workshop:
- single use camera with 27 pictures
- light equipment
- scanner
- PC with editing software