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Officine dell'Umbria
St. Catherine Elementary School Class IV A-B
Trevi (PG), Italy

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Alterazioni Video in their second year of artistic experimentation with the children of the two classes of St. Catherine have developed further the research started in the 2006 edition on animated video. Within three days of work have used a succession of photographs, posters and drawings on the blackboard with colored chalks to achieve the visual media useful in the editing of a surreal and fantasy TV news . Designers, scriptwriters, directors, stand builders, costume designers, actors, photographers, the children of St. Catherine experimented a multitude of roles and medium. Everything was then taken and installed thanks to the work of writing and editing. The result: the ironic and entertainment stories, which tell us of their creators and a world of fantasy and creative.

Materials used during the workshop:
- digital camera
- digital audio recorder
- PC with editing software